Hello world. You've heard from Richard and I thought it was time to introduce myself. I am Kristen - other half of the db team.

I grew up in West Virginia. Went to college and got a B.S. in Biology from WVU. I found my way down to the beach where I met Richard. Slowly but surely we started this business. It's been quite an adventure.

We both have our areas of this store. I love photography - always have. I clearly remember the days of working in a dark room processing film and printing pictures. Film photography is an art form. Nothing is more exciting to me than finding a cool camera I have not came upon yet. Every camera listed is cleaned and overviewed.

My mom has always loved fashion. She's the reason I ended up diving into vintage clothes. Clothing always comes back around. 60's mod is my favorite and always in fashion. The 70's  are coming back strong and that too is exciting. I try to bring you the clothes that are true vintage and definitely wearable today.

Stay tuned with us through this blog. We promise to bring great products and advice, especially as we are starting into summer. We are truly blessed to run this business and travel too. I wouldn't pick anyone else to do this with.

So stay tuned and thanks for following along!